WCT Day 4: Go low

This day was timed to take the beach route at low tide vs. taking the inland forest path.

logs and more logs   
Love these log crossings
More mud
And this was typical even after a stretch of dry days
go straight up the middle
Go straight up the middle
old old planks   planks and mud
Watch your feet
surge channel on the coastal route
Surge channel on the coastal route at low tide
stay high when traversing at low tide
Stay high when traversing the coast at low tide.
sandstone moon craters
Sandstone moon craters
low tide around Owen Point
Low tide at Owen Point

Quick video vignettes: two panoramas, approach to a surge channel. I fell on slippery algae by the sea cave…small head bump, nothing serious.
tree stand at the strait
Tree stand at the Strait of de Juan Fuca…that’s the United States on the horizon.
zodiac rescue boat
Close-up of a Zodiac Rescue Boat used by CA Parks. About 40 evacuations off the trail so far this year.
Thrasher Cove CG
Thrasher Cove CG

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