Wrapping up

The road meanders through more landscape recovering from forest fires

Finally dropping down onto hardtop, where we zip into Nighthawk…

…the US side of the border crossing.

That night was spent in the municipal park at Grand Forks in Canada.

Let me also add…Route 3 east out of Osoyoos is a wonderful road, I didn’t grab any stills, Mike might have grabbed some video. Highly recommended.

Eventually landing in Glacier National Park, where I’ll wrap up this segment of the report with a “I was here” shot, taken in the highly competitive photo op zone.


Mike came into one of the corners north of Conconully a little hot, front tire hit a stray rock, and the bike lowsided pretty fast. After inventory check, Mike was a bit sore, nothing broken, but…


…the highway pegs punctured a hole into the left valve cover, and the bike was leaking oil.


After a little clean-up…


…an application of 60 minute JB Weld…


…wildflower gazing…


…a visit with these two fine gentlemen from West Seattle…
…hammering on the dented panniers with a BK2…


…and otherwise enjoying the air at 6314 feet…


…we were back in motion.


And the patch lasted great the rest of the trip. Mike does good work.

Methow – Conconully

Camped at Rock Creek Campground, which had one of the cleanest WA State standard issue bathrooms we’ve ever seen. That’s the Nemo Morpho 1P on the left, and the latest edition Redverz on the right.

Descent into Ruby

End of the dirt section in Ruby

Slow down when you see cow pies. This is north of Conconully. We actually started to herd the cows with bikes further north, which was scary. Will share video footage of that later.


Taken somewhere along the Slide Ridge segment, the area is rebounding after forest fires

This is a Photosynth panorama of the Slide Ridge area…the view is looking east over the road we just passed through. The synth will look better if you use the widget control to go full screen.

You can just see Mike on the upper right on the road through the trees.

Good example of the typical road conditions along the trail. I didn’t capture any of the treacherous stuff on my camera, we did grab some video footage which I’ll share in a later post.