WCT Day 5 and finale: Let’s bring it in

We’re told during orientation to allot 5 hours to go from Thrasher Cove to the ferry at Gordon River…steep up and down, slippery, ladders…and the last ferry is at 4:30. Took me 3.5 hours at a steady pace, and I definitely needed to take my time. Very easy to twist an ankle or fall.
Sunrise at Thrasher Cove
Sunrise at Thrasher Cove
Back at the main trail junction
It’s a 1 KM climb from Thrasher back up to the main trail junction…ladders, steep rock, roots.
Donkey engine
Derelict donkey engine at 72 km
ferry approach   ferry load
Ferry at Gordon River
Craig and the final ladder
Craig and the final ladder. And it’s the first ladder for those going northbound.
Waiting line at Victoria
Time to wrap up…I scooted over to Victoria to get in the waiting line for the ferry
house boats
We pass by house boats…
leaving the harbor
…before exiting Victoria Harbor and head for home.

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