WCT Day 3: Life’s a beach. And many crossings.

Follow the trail
Follow the trail
Coastal trees above the surf
Coastal trees above the surf
Morning sun shines through coastal trees
Morning sun shines through
Old planks guide the trail path
Old planks guide the path
Chez Monique's place
Chez Monique’s place: everything on the menu from coffee to burgers to salmon
3 sketchy jumps
I took 3 sketchy jumps here. Made two of them.
wet boots
And had wet boots has a present. Tip: Just swap out to sandals for the river crossings.
Coastal trees around 51KM
Coastal trees at 51 KM
Coastal tree in the morning fog
Coastal tree in the fog
Panorama of Walbran Creek CG
Pano of Walbran Creek
Ladder system   Lots of climbing
Lots of climbing
Root system
Root system
log crossing   more log crossing
The trail ahead
planks   follow the planks
Follow the planks
Down, across, and up
Down, across, and up
trail tetris with the mud   mud
Trail tetris with mud
log crossing
Don’t pause…
log crossing
…or look down…
log crossing...just do it.
…just do it.
planks   tent protected by a root
Finally settled into…
Camper Bay CG
…Camper Bay CG for the night.

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