Emerald City Bike Ride

Highlights from the Emerald City Bike Ride…out and back across the new 520 bridge in Seattle, and down the I5 express lanes. April 3 2016. Hyperlapse to 8X speed/advanced smoothing. GoPro 3+ Hero capture in SuperView.

Aerials from Rattlesnake Ledge

Looking west to the Middle Fork…


…looking back to the ledge. That’s North Bend in the valley to the right…


…looking southwest back to the ledge…


…overlooking Mt. Si, Middle Fork, and Rattlesnake Lake.

The new trail at Mailbox Peak

Nice job by the WA State Department of Natural Resources and WTA volunteers with the new trail up Mailbox Peak. It’s still a grunt, now less technical.

Old and new trails side by side.

View of the trail map

At the top during a spring snow squall

Winds were kicking up on the way down