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Canon S100 workout

Inspired by late November sunshine over a holiday weekend, I took the Canon S100 to a popular photographers’ perch of the Seattle skyline with the hopes of capturing a golden sunset. Alas, the sky turned gray as I set up the tripod, so I grabbed the opportunity to give the S100 a workout with the different special effects and HDR capability. A little ‘getting-to-know-you’ session, so to speak, and we had a great time.

built-in HDR
Capture with the built-in HDR capability. Captures JPG only, not RAW. Notice the ghosting of the cars. I'm unlikely to use this effect much, as I get better results shooting RAW and handle HDR with post-processing.


Single image HDR
Single image HDR: capture via RAW, converted to TIF, processed with Photomatix.


Built in nostalgic effect
Captured with built in nostalgic effect


Built in fish-eye
Captured with built-in fish-eye effect. Could be useful in different situations.


Built in minature
Captured with built-in minature effect. I like this a lot, good for amplifying objects in the middle of a shot.


Built in toy camera
Captured with built-in toy camera effect. Interesting, seems like something that could be reproducible with post-processing.


Built in super vivid
Captured with built-in super vivid effect. Another one that seems like something that could be reproducible with post-processing.


Built in color accent
Captured with built-in color accent effect. Handy to have in the right circumstances.


Grunge Seattle
Captured with RAW, converted to TIF, grunge effect by Photomatix. My favorite of this series.


Blue Angels HDR

After shooting the Blue Angels in a mid-afternoon light for so many years, I thought I would try something a little different: I camped in front of Boeing Field to view of take-off and landing, and processed my favorite pix with Photomatix in single shot mode.

Blue Angels in formation
Blue Angels in formation


Blue Angels
Blue Angels with HDR processing


For comparison, below is the same shot as above converted to JPEG from Lightroom using LR’s built-in editing. (Adjustments made: slight boosts in exposure, blacks, sat, sharpening, and noise reduction.)

Blue Angels
Blue Angels with standard processing


Of course, this could also be a testament to my post-processing LR skills, which I’m always looking to build up.


More Blue Angel shots, including some favorites over the past few years, are up in this gallery.

My first HDR

I just became a HDR convert. Holy cow. Let’s see what you think…


Mountain range east of Mt St Helens - single RAW capture. Colors are flat, and there is little depth to the picture.


Mountain range east of Mt St Helens - after HDR post processing with Photomatix and Photoshop. Notice the colors and overall vibrancy.

What a difference using a single RAW capture. Higher fidelity and more even exposure is typically achieved with 3-5 RAW shots spanning across exposure settings like (+2, +1, 0, -1, -2) or (+2, 0 , -2). Multiple exposure execution would have taken care of the blown highlights in the clouds, which were too far gone to compensate in Photomatix or Photoshop. Very impressive processing.

Photomatix is now on my recommend list.