DIY car mount for Nokia Lumia 920

I wanted to try out the new Nokia Drive beta GPS program, and realized I didn’t have a car mount for the Lumia 920 yet. So I quickly taped together two old credit cards, added a fold and hole for the adapter, and put two hooks on the back for mounting on the drink holder. Took about 10 minutes to zap together. You can adjust ‘settings’ to other phones as well.

credit card mount - front view
Tape two credit cards together with duct tape. Punch overlapping holes for the bottom cable, fold enough to hold the phone.


credit card phone mount - rear view
Add two plastic hooks on the back, tape securely. I grabbed these from some random packaging.


Phone mounted in car
Seat the phone in the holder, secure top with an organic ‘Made in the USA’ rubber band (or close copy). Back hooks attach to cup holder. You can still add a cup or bottle to the holder.


The mount works securely in traffic. Need to adjust the rubber band so that it doesn’t block the top of the screen where text messages appear.

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