Canon S100 workout

Inspired by late November sunshine over a holiday weekend, I took the Canon S100 to a popular photographers’ perch of the Seattle skyline with the hopes of capturing a golden sunset. Alas, the sky turned gray as I set up the tripod, so I grabbed the opportunity to give the S100 a workout with the different special effects and HDR capability. A little ‘getting-to-know-you’ session, so to speak, and we had a great time.

built-in HDR
Capture with the built-in HDR capability. Captures JPG only, not RAW. Notice the ghosting of the cars. I'm unlikely to use this effect much, as I get better results shooting RAW and handle HDR with post-processing.


Single image HDR
Single image HDR: capture via RAW, converted to TIF, processed with Photomatix.


Built in nostalgic effect
Captured with built in nostalgic effect


Built in fish-eye
Captured with built-in fish-eye effect. Could be useful in different situations.


Built in minature
Captured with built-in minature effect. I like this a lot, good for amplifying objects in the middle of a shot.


Built in toy camera
Captured with built-in toy camera effect. Interesting, seems like something that could be reproducible with post-processing.


Built in super vivid
Captured with built-in super vivid effect. Another one that seems like something that could be reproducible with post-processing.


Built in color accent
Captured with built-in color accent effect. Handy to have in the right circumstances.


Grunge Seattle
Captured with RAW, converted to TIF, grunge effect by Photomatix. My favorite of this series.


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