Southwest Montana

More highlights from the GDMBR in southwest Montana…

These next 4 shots show a 10 mile downhill towards I-15 from Butte…
…as I raced down this section…
…to beat out the incoming…
…thunderstorm. I still got wet.
South of Wise River.
A storm came through as I neared the top of this steep climb near Bannock Road…
…and quickly passed through.
~7200 ft elevation at the top.
Morning after descending from Bannock…a cattle drive came by as I was breaking down camp. One of the cowboys said they’ll need an hour to get the cattle to their pen, so take your time packing up.
Big Sheep Creek southern entrance outside Lima…also popular for birders and fly fishing.
Centennial Valley east of Lima
Centennial Valley — that’s a Golden Eagle on the telephone pole.
Centennial Valley cattle gate – I ate lunch here.
Montana was long and hard, I was glad to be done.

Idaho part II was a quick 1 day scoot, then I was into Wyoming.

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