West Coast Trail

The West Coast Trail (WCT) sits on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island…

WCT area map

  • Covers 55 miles / 74 KM of trail across forest, beach, rocks, mud, tree roots, boardwalks, river crossings, cable cars, and two ferries.
  • Includes over 100 bridges and 40 ladder “systems” ranging from 1 to 4 stories high
  • Rated as “difficult” by Parks Canada. Over 90 evacuations in 2015, 43 evacs in 2016 by the time I did the hike.
  • WCT is accessible by permit only from May 1 to September 30, closed rest of the year.
  • I went north to south, from Pachena Bay to Gordon River
  • Want to book your own trip? Start here on the CA Parks site.

Here’s the gear setup for 5 days…
WCT hiking gear     Backpack and boots
In order to start the hike, I first needed to get to Pachena Bay…
motorcycle with gear on the ferry
Traveled to Gordon River by motorcycle
Cargo ship at Port of Seattle
Passed by this cargo ship at Port of Seattle
acrobats on the ferry to Victoria
Acrobats on the ferry to Victoria
Park the bike at Evan's in Gordon River
Scooted to Gordon River/Port Renfrew, where I parked the bike at Evan’s
Pack weigh in at 42 pounds
Backpack weigh-in: 42 pounds minus a full water bladder. Not bad for 5 days.
Pachena Bay
Here’s the Pachena Bay hut, where you get an orientation lecture, trail map, and updated tide chart.
Pachena Bay pano
Quick panorama in front of the hut
Close up view of map and tide chart
Close up view of map and tide chart

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