WCT Day 1: “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and she’s still there!”

North section kick off
Start of trail at the northern section
First ladder
First ladder system

Suzuki motorcycle on trail
It’s a Suzuki
Pachena Lighhouse    Signpost at Pachena Lighthouse
At the Pachena Lighthouse
First view of beach at 12 KM
First view of the beach at 12 KM. This is Michigan Creek CG.
Shadow selfie
Shadow selfie
Bears on the trail
Bear encounter – mama bear and cub on the beach. Just foraging for food, non-aggressive. Darling River CG is just beyond them

Quick 10 second view from a GoPro at wide angle…just look for the dark shape movement.
Entrance to Darling River CG
Entrance to Darling River CG
Tent side at Orange Juice Creek
Tent side at Orange Juice Creek CG

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