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Now that I’ve wrapped up the ride report here, I’ve started to re-publish individual segments on ADVRIDER.COM available here so I can share with the broader motorcycling community. It will be the same content in both places, the ADV thread will just have larger pictures within the text. If you’re coming over here from ADV and want to read through the whole report before it’s completely on ADV, just start reading here.

A little bit of html massaging is required when moving a blog post from WordPress to the vBulletin software, particularly with the photo handling. vBulletin has no built-in captioning or ALT tags, so I’ve just opted for a straight up photo display on ADV. I’m definitely a fan of larger photos, it really makes the journey pop out. I’m also pleased to see that all of the embedding features – Excel web app, Google/Bing maps, Vimeo videos – work just fine without any editing required.


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