Using Instagram on a Windows Phone

Pumpkin patch in Snoqualmie River Valley just outside Fall City


I just signed up with Instagram on my Windows Phone, using 6Tag, which allows new account creation, upload directly from a new picture or one already in your library, as well as browsing and tagging other photos. 6Tag has a robust set of filters, and getting robust investment from the developer. Good stuff.

So now let’s make sense of my photography publishing…

  • Instagram is for sharing snapshots from my phone while on the go
  • SmugMug is for sharing more developed photos as well as distributing hi-rez originals
  • Pinterest is for aggregating pictures of things I like
  • Facebook is used by other people in my life who tag me. I rarely use it to publish, too restrictive.
  • Skydrive is used to share photos with a selected group of people, such as a team at work, family members, and some friends.

Too many options.


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