Northward Ho!

One year passes since we rode the southern part of the WABDR…

With the first leg explored and recorded for posterity, we went after the second half in this past August. Just let’s just pile on to the original thread and pick up where we left off.

Start with the big rock on the left in Cashmere, and the little rocks show where we spent the night.

Say hi to Mike

And the fun begins. Truth be told, this part wasn’t too bad, even on Tourances.

I had a hard time on this section, dropped the bike twice. :0 All of the pre-ride guidance recommends knobby tires. I did the second leg with Tourances on the front and back, so it’s doable. You’ll just wish you had put knobbies on, I would have enjoyed those sandy bits a little more. Nevertheless, I only dropped the bike 4 times across the three days.

The intrepid explorers

Our view of what’s left of the forest fires. Lots o’ smoke.

We had hoped to make it to 25 Mile State Park the first night, we were running out of daylight and energy so anchored here for night one.

And we were short of water…fortunately, it drizzled over night, and we captured just enough to make morning coffee.

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