“The juice, the precious juice”

Fact of life for anyone on a motorcycle road trip: you’re stopping at gas stations two-three times a day to fuel up machine and body. Range on my 1200gs is about 210 miles, depending on speed and conditions. Brady was able to squeeze out a full 240 miles between Coldfoot and Deadhorse on his F650. I pushed the range limits of my tank a few times…

Odometer reading in Stewart BC
3 miles to spare in Stewart BC
Gas station at Stewart BC
Gas station at Stewart BC: Great view, great general store

And then I made an oopsie: I didn’t top off my tank at the Cassiar/ALCAN junction, thinking I would fill up at Swift River, completly forgetting my notes that the stop had been converted to a maintenance center and had no public services. We discussed U-turning back to top off, and decided to go a conservative 50mph hoping I could land in Teslin on fumes. I made it to 9 miles out before running out of gas. While Brady scooted ahead for juice and container, I grabbed a few shots.

ALCAN Highway
ALCAN Highway
Out of gas
Blue skies and an empty tank
The empty ALCAN
Sky and pavement lane through the forest

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