How to: hockey puck on BMW 1200 GS sidestand

The BMW 1200 GS sidestand is notorious for digging into soft dirt when deployed with a loaded bike, which can result in a bike tip over. Not fun putting a 600 pound bike back upright, even more of a hassle if you’re solo. There are several workarounds to prevent a sidestand dig in, ranging from free (coaster on a string) to $30-40 (manufactured metal plate extenders to surround the sidestand base plate).

Let’s go with the hockey puck approach – it’s cheap and easy. There are a few different ways to install, I went with the ‘sandwich’ approach:

Hockey puck base on sidestand

1) Acquire a puck. They’re $3-5 new in a store, or perhaps you have one lying around.

2) Cut it in half like you would slice off a stick of salami, using a band saw or cross cut saw. No need to be super precise, helps if they are relatively even.

3) Select one half for the bottom, and the other for the top.

  • On the bottom half, trace an outline of the sidestand base with a Sharpie. Then carve a slight indent of the outline with a dremel or pocket knife. This will enable the sidestand base to sit within the base.
  • On the top half, carve out a notch for the sidestand arm so that the top and bottom puck halves will line up with each other.

hockey puck cut in half with notches

4) Center both pieces below and atop the base of the sidestand. Identify three locations where to bolt the pieces to each other without hitting the base. Drill holes through both pieces at the locations. This is what I used:

  • three #6-32 x 1-1/4″ machine screws
  • three #6 washers
  • one 9/64 drill bit for drilling

After drilling, taper the holes on the bottom of the lower pieces so that the machine screws will sit embedded within the puck. This allows the bike to rest on the puck and not the screws.

5) Attach screws through the bottom half of the puck, and align with the sidestand base. Place top half atop the sidestand, and fit the screws through the top half. This may take some juggling, as the screw hole size should be snug and tight with the screws.

6) Secure screws with washers and nuts. Tighten down. Add loc-tite.

Sidestand with puck in up position

There should be clearance between the puck and the center stand in up position as well as the muffler.

You’re good to go.

UPDATE July 2011: alas, this approach failed after a week of use. Cutting the puck in half reduced it’s durability, and it shortly broke apart. Moved over to the Touratech sidestand solution, works great.

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